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PALIO '' CK531A OX เม็ดยาวไม่มีฟองน้ำ แผ่นละ 180 บาท ''

ยางปิงปอง PALIO  รุ่น CK531A OX  ไม่มีฟองน้ำ

ราคาพิเศษแผ่นละ  180 บาท  

In the early 60's , Chinese chocked the table tennis world with their secret weapon long pimple rubber. It has since become a weapon many players enjoy. CK531A inherits the many fine characteristics of its long pimple predecessors. And yet CK531A is pimple are small and softer. Hence , it can createstronger reversed spins and this definitely proves to be damaging to opponents.  

So, don't miss this if you want to have to have a killer long pimple rubber 

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